Options for a server with

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Options for a server with
"umwhat" <> wrote in message
> I am in NZ. I have an old server with 2 X 1.13Mhz CPUs with a Windows 2000
> Server 1-4 CPU 5CAL C.O.A.
> After a short search I think the cost of the Windows Server 2000 software
> is going to be beyond my beneficiary finances.
> What alternatives can there be?
> I want to advertise basic computer cleaning services such as cleaning mice
> keyboards and computer hardware, and to use as a Christian information and
> free software download server. And possibly later including Christian
> items
> like books as a reseller of Christian items. I may not want to begin the
> Christian selling part of a website until next year but would like to
> practise with this old 2 X 1.13Mhz CPUs server and whatever software may
> be
> considered useful to me.
> —
> …scribble scribble scribble…

Not sure what to say. Hosting a website at your home or office location will
require a static IP from your ISP. If the server already has Windows 2000 on
it, it will suffice to run IIS and host a single site. If you have a domain
name, you will need to point it to your WAN IP, but then again, that goes
back to needing an ISP line with a static IP. I don’t know your skill level,
but you would also need software to create your website, as well as the
knowledge to setup the server properly, your router/firewall, and IIS on the
server, as well as uploading your site to the server from the website
creation software. There are many factors.

It really might be better to host your website at a free website hosting
service. I’m not sure of which free web hosting service to suggest. I
googled and binged "free website hosting" and many results came up. The
first hit on one of the searches was for www.mozy.com, but I have never used
this or any one of these free sites, so I cannot vouch for any one of them.
To offer downloads, I can suggest skydrive.live.com, www.sendspace.com, etc.
There are others out there. They offer free storage.

Good luck!


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