New Tech Gadgets

New Tech Gadgets

femto. Reporting live from the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2010, Tech Guru Kevin Nalts talks about the Microsoft Zeen, Airlife, Steve Ballmer, Apple, the Droid, and T-Mobile’s mini phone. Femto. See Nalts’ take on the hottest new tech gadgets and trend to take us by storm in 2010. What are the must-have technology toys for the new decade? (Oh, yeah, this is a parody of the clueless media coverage, goofy “must-have” gadgets, and silly tech wars). Thanks for the idea, Joe. And thanks to our new babysitter for being my last-minute anchor. Wifeofnalts was shopping. 🙂 Thanks for rating and subscribing (orange button) ! 🙂 Footage with permission (either press material from CES or footage of Ballmer when he answered my question at an industry event in 2006 (Advertising, Advertising, Advertising). CES, hottest, airlife, zeen, hammer, tablet, newest, gadgets, news, best, popular, consumer, electronics, show, 2010, nokia, HP, femto, netbooks, dtv, lady, gaga, obama, girl, ebooks, lifestyle, mobile, steve, ballmer, apple, zeen, t-mobile, parody, spoof, nalts, balmer, droid, google, mac, newton, 2.0, 3.0, apps, aps, itouch, iphone, 3s, waterproof, bluetooth, blueray,


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