More than 360 websites defaced for #OpFreePalestine by DevilzSec

More than 360 websites defaced for #OpFreePalestine by DevilzSec

DevilzSec has been busy mass defacing a heap of websites in the name of the OperationOpFreePalestine, it was only 2days ago they had defaced over 300 websites and now a further 360.

Also checking out DevilzSec on facebook there is a lot more other sites that have just been defaced within the past hours, this is showing how much effort people are going to take to get a message across.

So really where will this stop, so many other countries and innocent people are being drawn into these on going cyber wars and nothing is getting achieved, maybe its time all sides sit back and have a re-think about the measures they are taking.

List of recent websites that was defaced.

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