Match Fixing Tape India Pak Deep Analysis of Semifinal Match

Match Fixing Tape India Pak Deep Analysis of Semifinal Match

We know that there rumors for Team India and Pakistan on March 30th 2011 World Cup semi-final match for match-fixing are many about.

People who are following match point before taking has been fixed are based.

Here is the point of the Analysis

Missing five catches of Sachin Tendulkar who scored 85 and awarded as Man Of Match.

Wrong decision not to give Sachin LBW becuase replay shown by Third Umpire was not believable, too much diversion shown in reply

Poor fielding by Pakistan

No good partnership by Pakistan

Irresponsible shot by Pakistan

Shaid Afridi continue bowling with Umar Gull who was already flopped, although he have other option.

Shahid Adridi didn’t take power playat right time

Some people have already announced that India will win this World Cup , they already told that there will be tie between England & India before match, as result match was tied.

Most important thing is Statement made by (interior minister) Rehman Malik regarding match fixing before match to the Pakistani players by calling Shahid Afridi

“I gave a warning that there should be no match-fixing. I am keeping a close watch. If any such thing happens, we are going to take action”


Is this true? Was there was really match fixing done?

According to authorities it has been clarified that there was no such kind of fixing in the match. Lot of pressure where prime minister of both country were present in the game, public craze etc might be reason that Pakistan could not overcome with their pressure & miss catches.

So as of now there is not any such confirmation for fixing in the match and also release in press about this matter denying the fixing.

If there was no match fixing then the day was completely in the favor of Sachin Tendulkar of India Team.

  1. this is all rubbish. the people with no task, make these rumors

  2. Cricket matches in the 2011 World Cup which runs from February 19 until April 2 in India…………

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