Kaspersky AntiVirus 2009 Review – Part 2

Kaspersky AntiVirus 2009 Review – Part 2

Part 2

  1. Wow the updates,scans and stuff do not need to be shown pause your cam. and there

  2. Full Antivirus Safety & Security here: watch?v=fdEDM9gGXII


  4. What about stopping the vid,while you install and update etc etc etc?
    Beside sfrom that,good review.

  5. It’s not a antivirus, you idiot. It’s an antispyware software!! You should have an antivirus AND Malwarebytes. Eset Smart Security or Eset Nod32 are 2 antivirus programs that is recommended.

  6. Just scan your entire PC to get rid of it

  7. people why not try malwarebytes it’s a good antivirus i don’t know about this one sow choose between this 2 kaspersky or malware

  8. i have a trojan and i have kaspersky 2009, and idk how to work my kaspersky yet. because i just got it. and i would appericate the help if anyone could answer this, and help me get rid of my trojan or quarantine it. thanks

    reply on my channel if u can help! thanks again!

  9. lolz how many fkin anti viruses u got thats really funny. HAHAHAAAAAAAA lol like 20 messages pooping up every second

  10. kaspersky rockz avg catches 70% of malware kaspersky gets 92 or summin bigger company quicker updates :D. Ik what u mean it is chatty especially when i had a virus on it

  11. I tried Kaspersky 2009 and found it was a resource hog, and the years sub soon ran out, so its back to Avast.

  12. well if people diddent have inuff space on there key then they will have to install a anti virus but if u have nothin on ur computer u might aswell re install the thingamabob

  13. hah i woud just reinstal my os and good bye!!!!

  14. quite trustable.
    only de annoying pop outs.
    but like wise protection is good! :]

  15. Here it is

    Best Free Anti stuff : Avira free version and SUPERantispyware

    Best Paid: NOD 32, Kaspersky, BITdefender, and malwarebytes maybe?

    Norton and avg can go die in a pit of trojan virus shit

  16. I like fsecure because they put out videos on how the av industry is doing. (im running avg free right now because the version of kaspersky doesnt work on windows 7 yet)

  17. AVG is really good

  18. 4:40 , does that scan mean when the long green thing fills up, then the scan is finished?

  19. anyone thinks this is better than any other softwares??please tell

  20. Norton is worst antivirus program(or for my mind ROGUE) ever…. I used it for quite bit time when I didn’t really know what a computer was and then It was only there to slow down my computer and I goted another antivirus and firewall it was much much better.

  21. lol virus heat

  22. Norton slows down your system eve nF=-secure, I use kasperskty both on my pc and laptop

  23. Kaspersky is better than Norton, I’ve been using it for two years now. perfect and very easy to use

  24. it quarantines files automatically stupido 😛

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