iMario Lite – Super Mario Sounds – Xaruva Ltd

iMario Lite – Super Mario Sounds – Xaruva Ltd
iMario Lite - Super Mario Sounds artwork

iMario Lite – Super Mario Sounds

Xaruva Ltd

Genre: Entertainment

Price: Free

Release Date: January 03, 2010

~ About ~
iMario Lite provides you with nine of the best sound clips from the classic Mario games, completely free!

Sounds Included:

– 1 up Mushroom
– Mario Dies (From Super Mario 1)
– Fireball
– Brick smash noise
– Stomp noise
– Power-up Mushroom
– Invincible Star
– Coin collected
– Jump

~ iMario ~
If you like this application and want even more Mario sound clips you can buy the fully featured iMario – with its fireball feature from the App store too.

~ Please Note ~
If the sound clips can't be heard or sound quiet please make sure your iPod Touch or iPhone is not in silent mode, and you should also try using the volume control buttons whilst the sound is playing (It has to be done whilst the sound is playing, as its different to the standard call volume setting).

Our clips should be clear, and loud, so make sure you have tried the steps above! If you still have problems, send us a message on Twitter to @xaruva.

~ Feedback ~
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