HTC HD2: How To Install CLK

HTC HD2: How To Install CLK

BEFORE INSTALLING THIS, MAKE SURE YOU HAVE HSPL2.08 ON YOUR DEVICE (Android / WP7 / MAGLDR don’t support HSPL3.03) AND THEN FLASH THE LATEST RADIO (RADIO & HSPL ARE INCLUDED IN THE “CLK”) Video On How To Install HSPL In this video i show you how to install the clk bootloader onto your htc hd2 device Download: CLK IF YOU RUN INTO ANY PROBLEMS, THE SOLUTION MAY BE IN THIS FORUM THREAD, GO HERE FIRST BEFORE POSTING IN THE COMMENTS SECTION. Recommended ROMs: NDT MIUI ROM Series TyphooN CyanogenMod 7 ROM Series How To Install ROM’s Using Clockwork Recovery Mod (Follow from 5 minutes onwards) cLK XDA Thread


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