How to Virtualize Your Physical Servers

How to Virtualize Your Physical Servers

How to convert physical servers into virtual servers and piping ’em right into your ESXi box. Details on using the VMware Converter to save power, money and more. Plus how to install Linux Apache Tomcat with some Java and bash lovin’.

  1. I agree, the newsletter has been a huge help for me personally.. check it out, its free anyway.. authoropen . com

  2. a tutorial on how to use vmware converter for windows ?!? how lame is that ?? What about HOW TO P2V a Linux Server ???

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  5. i agree but i like to learn from it id love to see how to set up a hosting server with cpanel and whm

  6. I would be interested in seeing a openvpn vs other vpn comparison, also an install guide would be nice because its really hard :D!

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  11. You can access the VM on a Mac.

  12. is there a way to make this on Mac?

  13. i always watch thier vids..but i have no clue what thier on about =[

  14. Sorry for your loss, Matt.

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