How to Remotely start your car

How to Remotely start your car

Imagine this: you fire up an app on your smartphone, tap a button, and your car standing in front of you instantly comes to life. You can do this with the Viper Smart-Start app; available for iOS, Android and Blackberry.

Not so fast; you also have to first get and install the Viper SmartStart security system in your car. Your phone connects to the system in your car, after authentication, using the GSM network. This means that distance from the car is not an issue.

Now why would you want to start your car from a remote location, you ask? Apart from the huge geek cred which comes standard, you can use the system to pre-warm or pre-cool your car in the winter or summer. Or find your car in a crowded location.

Currently, the Viper is only available in the US for $350 plus installation charges.

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