How to Make Free Mobile or Landline Calls from PC

How to Make Free Mobile or Landline Calls from PC

In this blog, I frequently cover almost all the tricks which can be used for making free pc to mobile calls. This time it’s through an Australian based VoIP service provider- PennyTel.

free pc to mobile calls  This company is giving away 10 million free local, domestic and international call minutes to major destinations like India, US, UK, Canada, China, Hong Kong, Singapore and New Zealand. Checkout the below mentioned steps to make free mobile calls from PC.

Make Free Voip Calls from PC to India, UK, US,Australia,China, Singapore

First of all, Register a username at Pennytel by visiting the promotional page. Your registration details will be sent to your email id.

Go to this special promo page which gives 10 million free local and international free calls.

make free calls pennytel

Enter your username[your registered email address] in the space provided and click “Take this offer”.

With this offer, you can make free calls to Australia, Canada, China, India, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Singapore, the UK and the USA.

PennyTel free call Offer Limitations

For countries like Australia, New Zealand & the UK, you can make free calls to only landline numbers. But for other countries – Canada, China, Hong Kong, India, Singapore & US, free calls can be made to both mobiles and landlines.

Promotional offer starts from 1st December to 8th January or till 10 million free calling minutes have been used up.

PennyTel SIP settings

SIP Proxy :
Domain :
SIP Register : Yes
Preferred Codec : g729, g723
Port : 5060

To make free calls, Use any softphones and enter the sip settings shown above. Checkout our list of best free softphone softwares. Download the softphone mentioned in the list and configure them with pennytel settings.

If these are too complicated for you, then just use the pennytel softphone which can be accessed after logging into their website. Or you can download the iphone app directly from itunes store.

As this offer ends up very soon, be sure to enjoy the free pc to mobile calls from pennytel now itself.

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