How to Make Free International Calls? Google Voice

How to Make Free International Calls? Google Voice

Follow these instructions for activating Google voice outside USA and make free international calls from your computer.

Google voice has now become one of the best service to make free international calls anywhere in the world. The only problem is to get an invite to the “semi-closed” Google voice service. I managed to get an invite during the early phase by requesting an invite from the official site itself. It takes around a week to get an invite from them, but if are in hurry then drop me a mail [3 invites left in my account 🙂 ].

1) The first step is to get a free incoming US number using SIPgate and for that you need a US IP address.

So, install hotspot shield (or ultrasurf) to get an US IP address and then register at SIPgate to get a free incoming US number. Use fake Name Generator for filling out the registration details with a US identity. You’ll be provided with a free US number.

Then download SIPgate and install it. To receive calls on your PC on that number, go to sipgate settings page using your browser and setup a new VOIP phone.

free voip phone sipgate

After logging in from the SIPgate softphone from desktop, your status will be shown as online. Now you’ll receive all the calls made to that US number on your desktop softphone.

2)Next step is to activate the Google voice account using this US number. To do this, open the Google voice activation link in the browser. This time you’ll not get any error, since you’re behind a virtual US proxy address. Login with your Google account and go through these steps.

a)Choose your favorite number

b)Enter a 4 digit pin to access voice mail by phone.

c)When prompted for a USA phone number where you will receive the call to confirm your account,enter the US number which you got in step1.

d) Verify your phone by entering the digits though the sipgate phone.

e)After entering the digits, your Google voice account will be fully activated.

verified google voice

Now onwards, you could access your Google voice account without using U.S proxy. If you’ve already got a gizmo number, you can add it your GV account to receive calls in that number.

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