How To Get The Latest Gadgets For Free Online

How To Get The Latest Gadgets For Free Online

Many of you may have come across sites before that claim they are giving away free gadgets. They claim that you can get yourself virtually anything for free including games consoles, iPhones, HDTVs, iPods, Amazon Vouchers and even cold hard cash!

Believe it or not, the service these websites are offering are completely legitimate and they do actually work (as I have found out for myself). In this article I am going to explain how the process works and how you too can receive free gadgets online!

Where can you get these Free Gadgets from?

Well I know of a well established site which specializes in providing information about certain free gadgets that you can claim online.

Free Consoles – Is dedicated to helping its users get their hands on the latest games consoles for free. It also provides information about how to get other gadgets for free.

How can websites afford to give away expensive gadgets?

The whole process revolves around a form of marketing known as affiliate marketing. This allows customers to receive the latest gadgets for free from what are known as “Referral Sites”. The freebie sites get money for advertising other companies’ offers and then receive a fee for gaining them new a new lead. These fees add up and pay for the customer’s free gift.

Here’s an example:

Let’s say you wanted to get yourself a Free Nintendo DS Lite.

The first thing you would do is sign up to the Freebie Site and create a free account. You will then be asked to participate in an advertiser’s offer.

The most popular U.K offers include a LoveFilm Free Trial, and Books Direct.

There are similar U.S.A/Canadian offers available such as the Free Blockbuster trial, Netflix offer or even a free credit report check.

After completing an offer you will then be asked to refer some friends/family to repeat this process and complete an offer of their own. This is why they are known to many as Referral Websites. In order to receive your Free Nintendo DS Lite you would need to acquire five referrals. This is very easy to achieve because well all have a few friends/family members who wouldn’t mind signing up for a no obligation free trial and receive some free DVDs (whilst helping you earn your free gadget at the same time).

Once you have your 5 referrals that’s it, you have fulfilled the requirements to receive your Free DS Lite. All you have to do is click the order button and wait for it to be delivered directly from Amazon within a few days.

How and Why does this technique work?

Here is a quick summary of how it all works out in monetary terms.


Total Spend

What they got out of it


£0, Nothing!

A Free Nintendo DS Lite plus a Free DVD trial.

Referral Website

£100 on your DS.

6 lots of commission (your offer + your 5 referral’s offers) of around £30 from the advertiser.

Profit = £80


e.g. Coral/Blockbuster/LoveFilm

£180 – nothing compared to an advertising campaign.

6 potential customers who have already tried their service and may wish to become a full time member, potentially earning them in excess of their £180 spend.

In conclusion: It’s a Win:Win situation! You get your free gadget, the Referral Site makes a profit, and the advertisers get new customers!

Have any proof?

I sure do!

Here is a link to the “I got my free item” section of a popular freebie website. This thread shows that over £215,000 worth of free gadgets have been claimed by this forum’s community alone over the past 3 years. Some members have received in excess of £25,000 worth of freebies!

This system has also been tested by the BBC and featured on the BBC Newsnight Program a while ago.


If you want to receive the latest gadgets for free and don’t mind trying out a free trial or another free offer then give it a try. You will be receiving your first free gadget in no time at all!

Want to get started?

Simply visit: Free Consoles

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