How to check if your Mobikwik Data has been leaked or not | How to protect your account | Update


Update 7 : All data is deleted (thank you @vimalmehta3 for update)

Update 6 : Press Trust of India will take the show from here.

Update 5 : On web scrapers – We only had 6k images out of 36m on this site. So, all scrapers got was just 6k images. Not all database.

Update 4 : Last 10 transactinons of the account as a proof.

Update 3 : Captcha will be added to the Search soon

Update 2 : Official Statement from Mobikwik

Update 1 : Database Search disabled due to bots

db_search taken down due to bots…
They masked lotta info so threat actors won’t be able to misuse this data.

The breach was flagged by French cybersecurity researcher Elliot Alderson in a tweet on Monday. “Probably, the largest KYC data leak in history. Congrats MobiKwik,” he tweeted with a screenshot of the data leak. “This database is 8.2TB and contains 36,099,759 files,” the screenshot showed, adding that it contained KYC data of nearly 3.5 million people. It is reported to be up for sale on the Dark Web.

To know whether your data has been shared in Mobikwik Data Leak, you need to download TOR browser for that. (Site is down)

  • First of all, Download tor browser
  • Now download Orbot and connect it. (if you are on PC, you may not need Orbot)
  • Now again open tor browser. Cope below link and paste in tor browser.
  • http://mobikwikoonux37wauz6oqymshuvebj5u763rutlogc2fb2o3ugcazid.onion/?fbclid=IwAR2WYnx4XcQIHTo6AU97a7s2L-eaUy-M30nHZlfhDwbBD3_ThL4KXPffpfQ
  • Now just enter your number and it will show your data.

Steps you can take to protect your data

  • Chane your account password immidiately. Go to and click Change Password
  • If you have any remaining balance in your wallet transfer or withdraw to your bank account. Go to
  • Deregister your UPI account from the website or mobile application. Go to
  • Remove any debit or credit cards linked to your account. Go to Click Remove

Mobikwik Data has been leaked


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