How to change MI Millet Router Language to English?

mi wifi router


Login to Router Admin Interface, Most of the times the console login is thru

Click on the “Tabs” Boxed Red, shown below

Scroll the page till the end, in the region Section you choose to select the region “Europe”

Please select the router’s current work millet Country / Region

Confirmation Switching Region will change the router’s wireless networking channel, need to restart after the entry into force, Are you sure?

After Reboot, Click on System Status “I” icon shown in screenshot.

If you have version 2.8.91 as shown in the image, you can skip to choose the language, else please update version to the latest 2.8.91 and then change the language.



Being upgraded

Do not interrupt the power supply router

2 The upgrade process takes about 5-8 minutes, the router lights turn blue again, you can go to the admin

Scroll towards the end to change the language

That’s all, Enjoy.

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  1. dear,
    I really desparate with my new router xiaomi youth.
    I can’t use to be router, because it don’t connect with my modem.
    My I get help for this ?

  2. you want to use it with an dial up connection or broadband?

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