How to bring down a Website

How to bring down a Website

How many people does it take to topple VISA’s website – a company that can process 10,000 transactions per second? Just 2,000. That’s how many were needed to overwhelm

The actual damage was relatively minimal since credit card transactions take place on a separate system, but for ‘Anonymous’, the online collective that coordinated the attack, and those on PayPal and Mastercard, it was an unparalleled propaganda coup.

While Anonymous has been described as a group of expert hackers, this kind of “distributed denial of service attack” (DDoS), in which thousands of computers repeatedly visit the target website is a relatively simple operation.

It just requires volunteers to download and run a piece of software that does all the work, reports the Telegraph.

With more and more of our lives spent online, virtual protests like those by Anonymous – who were carrying out “revenge” attacks on companies that had withdrawn support for WikiLeaks – make a correspondingly bigger impact.

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