Google TV

Google TV


Google TV is an effort to finally bring the Web to the TV set. Certainly the idea of having web content on your TV is not a new one, but with the backing of web giant like Google, and with the support of electronics manufacturers such as Logitech and Sony, this project is certainly more ambitious than any in the past.

Many manufacturers have in the past created products, such as set-top boxes which provide an internet experience on the TV, and devices such as the PS3 and XBOX allow for a web experience on your device. However web sites have never been designed with TV sets in mind, and most of the HD video on the web is wasted on our small computer screens. Web content viewed on a TV screen will usually be unusable. Imaging reading a 10pt font from 6 feet away! ON the other hand that 1080p HD video on YouTube, does it really deserve to play in a small window in your browser? Or even full screen on a mere 19” – 22” screen? Especially when you have that HDTV around in the other room?

What Google wants to bring to the TV experience is the power and flexibility of the web, but in a form factor which can really be enjoyed on such screens. With the web on your TV, Google aims to make watching your TV a social experience. Shocked by that latest episode of LOST, tweet about it right now, while you watch!


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