Google Talk Guru (

Google Talk Guru (

 Google Talk Guru is a new Google bot that lets you ask simple questions. It’s an experimental service that allows people to get information like sports results, weather forecasts, definitions etc via chat. It works on many popular chat applications that support Google Talk.

Application intended for chat (IM) users, including users using chat clients on low-end phones, allowing them to answer simple web queries from the context of their chat application. First invite to chat, and then send queries via your chat client. Categories supported include weather, translation, unit and currency conversions, and sports scores. Send “help” for more information.

Get started! Send a chat invitation to Get Instant Answers in Gmail Chat – Google Talk Guru (

To start using Google Talk Guru:

  1. Sign into a chat client that supports Google Talk
  2. Send a chat invitation to or click the link “Sign in and invite myself to chat with Guru” at the bottom of this page.
  3. Find guru in your contact list and send chat queries to guru using the examples below:
Sport scores: score arsenal
Weather: weather Trivandrum
Calculate: 123 * 45
Currency: 120 INR to USD
Definition: define computer
Translation: translate friend to French
Web result: web Himalaya
Help: help translate
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