Google Demo Slam

Google Demo Slam

Back in October, we came across a mysterious site called Google Demo Slam a couple days before it actually launched. It turned out to be a fun site featuring demos of different Google products where you can watch two demos side by side and vote for the best one.

Some of the demos are by Google engineers, but anyone can submit their own and vie to become a Google Demo Slam champ. Below are a few of the best demos on the site so far. The first one is four guys pretending to be Mount Rushmore and doing such a good job that they fool Google Goggles into identifying them as the real thing. The second shows two women using Google Translate to get their computer to order Indian food in Hindi. The third one demonstrates how to give yourself a haircut using Google Chat and two computers. And the fourth one recreates a road trip on Route 66 with Google Street View, a couple couches, and a projector.

Some of these videos have already been viewed more than 100,000 times. It’s amazing what a little game mechanics can do to get people to watch and create product demos for your company.

Mount Rushmore (Google Goggles)

Extra Spicy (Google Translate)

Haircut (Google Video Chat)

Road Trip (Google Street View)

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