FML Official – Alkeo

FML Official – Alkeo
FML Official artwork

FML Official


Genre: Entertainment

Price: Free

Release Date: November 18, 2009

This FML app is the only one developed by the Fmylife Team, it'll give you all the website's functions for FREE!

EDIT (1/25/2010) : The comments problem is fixed!

Functionalities recap :

-Push alerts when new anecdotes are published
-Submit FMLs and add comments
-Reply to comments
-Favorite function to bookmark the FML you loved
-Read FMLs according to categories and chart positions
-Share the FMLs you enjoyed on Facebook, Twitter and via E-mail
-Moderate the unpublished FMLs, and thus read even more FMLs
-Illustrated FML section, and FMyLife blog
——– is the most addictive and productivity inhibiting website on the Internet. In a short story, each visitor shares an anecdote all about a terrible moment which ruined his or her day. Easy to use, and fast, this application offers the website's best functionalities. Vote, comment and be the first to be alerted when new anecdotes have been published. Have fun!

Why pay for other inferior applications, which are mostly limited?
With FML Official, you can access exclusive services like post alerts, illustrated FMLs, and more stuff to come in the next updates.

For all questions or difficulties:

PS : The account creation works well, but the email address needs to be validated by email. It can take a few minutes. Please be patient.

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