Facebook announce e-mail service

Facebook announce e-mail service

The world’s favourite social networking website, Facebook has launched a new messaging service, which allows the users to communicate with people outside the social network.

The new messaging system will provide a ‘@facebook.com’ e-mail address to users. The new system will integrates all web and text-based communications and works directly in the Facebook page.

Texts, email or instant messages will all come into one ‘feed’ or ‘social inbox’ and users can respond in any way they want. Users can respond to messages via an instant message or email.

The entire conversation histories will be stored in Inbox, which users can check at any time. Now Facebook users can connect with other people with e-mail or messaging other than the current system of posting messages on profile page and internal messaging service.

“This is not an email killer. This is a messaging system that includes email as one part of it,” said Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO.

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