Espresso 1.1.1

Web development tool with powerful editing, searching, publishing, real-time previewing and great extensibility.
Espresso 1.1.1
About Espresso
Powerful editing, publishing and real-time previewing in a sexy, streamlined app makes any hand-coding Web developer more productive. Espresso shares its DNA with CSSEdit, our award-winning style sheet editor. Whereas CSSEdit made CSS quick and fun, Espresso looks to do the same with the entire Web development workflow.

Instead of cramping a bunch of mini-apps together, Espresso aims to focus Web development workflows into one streamlined app. Projects start out with an organized one-window workspace, providing instant access to files, publishing and more. From there, you have complete freedom in customizing your environment: quickly search for files, reorder often-used pages or drag off tabs into their own window.

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