Dokken vs Chicken: Norton Antivirus Firewall – Don Dokken | Norton

Dokken vs Chicken: Norton Antivirus Firewall – Don Dokken | Norton

Imagine 80s hair band, Dokken, is a chicken-hating computer virus and your hard drive an unsuspecting chicken. Don’t let Don Dokken and his cronies unleash their wrath upon your chicken. Fortify your antivirus firewall w/Norton Internet Security 2010.

  1. ha ha funny dokken rocks

  2. Yeah I have upgraded my macs hard drive and RAM and wait that yes it is possible. And I play spore and left 4 dead but wait you can’t play games oh not true as i just said i play spore and left for dead

  3. you can tell the chicken was using norton seeing as it spontaneously combusted

  4. Great fucking commercial, I lol’d hard.
    Too bad Norton Antivirus isn’t that great.

  5. what horrible analogy using a raw chicken as a hd. waste of a chicken.

  6. Now this was funny! :)))
    U gotta love Dokken, although they should’ve put a tune in this commerc, like Breaking The Chains for instance! ^^

  7. I think this commercial is funny… and GlamTillDeath I’m on your side…

  8. lol nice man thanks man thats a good experiment to try mabey ill do that some time to see responses!

  9. ahhh you got me hahaha ive been going around doing this and you’re the only one that was rational about it usually i get responses like fuck you or your mom and stuff you totally debunked me atleast i know some people still have the ability to think lol

  10. lol cool guy, wuss rock is the guys above in the video i was just posting my thoughts on the video and idiots like you have to get stuff started my comment is constructive at least lol

  11. oh yeah check out racer x oh wait you like wuss rock my bad muahahahaha

  12. Glam Sucks but funny ass commercial the only glam band i like is kiss well i thin there glam? i like nirvana and pearl jam and tom petty

  13. since you are a nobody, what does it matter if people don’t measure up to you? youre a pretty pathetic cunt aren’t you?

  14. tepes62, I’m not sure who you are nor do I really care, but you are making a real ass out of yourself. I mean, who are you? That’s what happens when beer bellied 60 year old men had one to many and want to lash out at some poor young punk. I’m sorry, but you didn’t invent music, you weren’t some roadie and you sure as f*** weren’t on stage playing in a band. so who the hell cares what others listen to.

  15. I listen to both young new bands and old bands. Yes, sometimes I think seeing a led zeppelin show in their prime’d be fantastic but this doesnt prevent me from enjoying the current gigs that I attend. you can only make your self-praising to those around who dont know anything about music; I wont buy it.

  16. You dont even know the definition of heavy metal. How can Judas Priest, Scorpions etc. not be heavy metal? Excuse me but your nobody and you didint shape/influence anyone. You hardly know what your talking about. And I really laughed about being ‘force fed’. I dont even watch tv or listen to radio.

  17. BTW..before this totally turns into some ridiculous youtube dumbass debate (which it has already..sadly)
    I think your a generic wannabe little twat who longs for music he was never around to see..and you have little regard for my ..lets end this here…you are nothing to me….so…keep typing to yourself if you choose…I am going to go watch some Foamy…

  18. I would not put any of those bands (maybe Maiden) in “heavy metal” category-I dont have to pretend anything-I was apart of it since late 83-tape trading with european tools in early 84-playing in my first death thrash avante gande band in 84 when I was still 13-and while no-did not “discover” anything-I was part of very SMALL group of people who were shaping what was to be..unlike people like you were force fed music by corporate fools…and following like sheep…but again..your a kid

  19. ”way before true “heavy metal” or anything remotlely heavy was played on radio…”
    heavy metal songs(by Iron Butterfly, Blue Cheer etc.) was played on radio even before you born. (late 60s)
    Mtv also played many heavy metal bands inc. Maiden, Priest, Scorpions, Krokus etc. in the early 80s, so stop pretending as if you’r a thrash hero who discovered everything

  20. There are still a lot of new glam bands and bigger bands like Kiss, Motley Crue headline festivals, its you who dont know anything at all. and I have a broad music taste from punk to blues, classic rock to some rap etc. so dont think that everyone has to be close-minded fools.. and you are 39. you should have left all those ‘my band is better than yours and my dick is bigger too’ talks past behind once you graduated from high school.

  21. BTW…I am..who I am…no need to be anything more…or less…
    and I was into an extremely underground music before there were “labels” on them…way before true “heavy metal” or anything remotlely heavy was played on radio…or MTV..or anything like that..was even popular…when kids like you were the norm…you are quite the non conformist by jumping on a bandwagon thats been dead for almost 20 years..quite the revolutionary you are…LMAO

  22. LMAO..
    you did not even LIVE thru the time of that horrible atrocity called “glam”…
    so…you know nothing…at all..
    I know its tough to fit in ..even at your age..
    but comeon? revisiting a lame time period to try and draw your own identity because you don’t “fit it” with kids your own age?? thats actually to me when you grow up..and grown a pair…and seriously…deal with those feelings you have….it will make you feel better….just saying cause I care…..

  23. oh i missed this part ‘defend herself’.
    Idiot thinks he is insulting someone by calling that person ‘her’. Whats your mental age? 5 or something?

  24. …but isnt it better than being a 39 year old poser?:)

  25. You are the one being poser here, trying to look like a hardcore evil coooool thrash dude, although you cant even give a proper reply when I give the example of Destruction. Poser means trying to look like somebody else, not being yourself, so its pretty clear who’s a poser.

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