Death certificate – MJ was killed

Death certificate – MJ was killed

Amended Medical Report Cites Homicide As Cause of Death

London: ‘King of Pop’ Michael Jackson was “murdered”, a British newspaper claimed on Sunday, quoting a death certificate issued by a Los Angeles coroner. British newspaper ‘News of the World’ has claimed to have obtained a copy of the original document and an amendment to it.
In the original certificate dated July 7, deputy coroner Cheryl MacWillie does not cite the cause of death. But the certificate was later amended on August 31 by medical examiner Christopher Rogers who gives the cause as “homicide”, according to the newspaper.
Rogers concludes that the 50-year-old pop icon died from “acute propofol intoxication” due to an “intra-venous injection by another”.
Meanwhile, the Los Angeles Police department has finished its investigation into the circumstances which led to the death of the ‘Thriller’ hitmaker on June 25 last year.
His personal physician Conrad Murray, who is reportedly being considered responsible for the death, has hired lawyers in case he is charged.
“We are all keeping our faith with the police. We want them to do this case properly and put away the man who we feel is responsible for Michael’s death,” said a Jackson family source.
“We want the paperwork to come out to show just what drugs were put inside him and what happened in his last few hours. Much of the documentation has been kept secret — and we can’t understand it,” the source added. “We still feel that there is more than one person responsible for Michael’s tragic death. Joe (Jackson’s father) won’t give up on getting justice for his son and a lawsuit is his focus,” the source said. AGENCIES Murray’s fate has been the subject of speculation since he found Jackson unconscious in his home in Los Angeles last June. Jackson was preparing for a strenuous concert comeback in London, and Murray, a cardiologist, had been hired as his personal physician for the tour. Propofol, a powerful anesthetic, depresses breathing and heart rate while lowering blood pressure. It’s supposed to be administered by an anesthesia professional in a medical setting.
The singer died after Murray administered propofol and two other sedatives to get the chronic insomniac to sleep, court documents state. Murray told police he left the room to use the bathroom, and phone records show he also made calls for 47 minutes around the time Jackson encountered problems. When Murray realised Jackson was unresponsive, he began frantic efforts to revive him, but Jackson never regained consciousness. The coroner found the propofol was administered to Jackson without any medical need and that recommended resuscitation equipment was missing, according to law enforcement sources.
Meanwhile, criminal attorney J Michael Flanagan has been hired to join Houston attorney Edward Chernoff in representing Murray. Chernoff’s spokeswoman Miranda Sevcik said earlier that Murray neither prescribed nor administered anything that should have killed Jackson. AGENCIES

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