CommandPDF 1.0

Efficient PDF document batch imposition tools.
CommandPDF 1.0
About CommandPDF
A PDF imposition tool designed to handle intense imposition workflows. It consists of a GUI app to design and test imposition templates, and two command line apps, one to impose PDF documents according to a chosen imposition template, and a daemon to automate the imposition process. CommandPDF will also overlay the pages of documents on top of each other.

Feature Highlights include:

– CommandPDF Template Editor to visually design and test imposition templates

– Fully customisable impositions (incl. Step & Repeat): Create imposition templates for books, magazines, business cards, etc.

– CommandPDF command line application for efficient imposition of PDF documents, without the overhead of a GUI application

– CommandPDFd a multithreaded command line daemon that automates the workflow by watching a user designated input folder for incoming PDF documents, processing them according to a designated imposition template, and placing the results in a designated output folder

– Run multiple daemons for multiple workflows (with different templates)

– Many more features

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