Build a Network Attached Storage Server for your LAN

Build a Network Attached Storage Server for your LAN

Segment from Hak5 2×02 – Build a Network Attached Storage (NAS) Server to hold backups or stream media on your LAN Distributed by Tubemogul.

  1. Help please.on my main computer there is no ” Local area connection” but the wireless on this computer is working normally but in the main computer is not working cause i need local area connection pleaseeeeee i need help how to create local area connection ! please reply to me please!

  2. in germany 1 tb for about 66 €

  3. We are using Windows 7 at home & work having 3 Nases with FreeNAS 0.7 Final Build 4919.

    Having no problems with assesing data on every machine.



  4. freaking awesome got it up and running!!

    one question i’m wondering about..
    can i install multiple hard drives or i can only install one?

    thanks guys

  5. lol fun blinking lights

  6. Help. When I reach the stage to format the disk, it tells me it cannot format the same drive as the OS. But I thought I had partitioned it.

    Thus, when I try to see if i can access the drive via windows 7, it reads the network \freenas but shows nothing in it at all.

  7. this is awesome!!!

  8. where’s the video where he slammed his hand in the car door for 10 bucks? was it removed?

  9. can this be installed and run on a nas storage ( my nas sucks atm with its default settings and software to accses it)

  10. well if you are going to use a normal linux server OS, you have to manually configure each daemon manually and stuff like that.
    FreeNAS allows you to do it in one “Control Panel”. I haven’t tested this but it looks like this is way easier to do.
    However, if you wanna do MORE than making a backup system, then you need a normal OS

  11. ahah, now we get 1tb for 99 bucks

  12. ext3 is linux file system… i still think ubuntu server is easier and way better >

  13. Depends on your network configuration. If you have a tottaly standard network, your router will provide your NAS with an IP adress distributed by your DHCP on the router.
    Then it’s all about the NAS you purchased: Most of the standard-NAS devices have a web-based controllsystem. To connect, just type in the IP of the NAS into your browser and (the first time) you type in the password that is listed in the manual 🙂 It’s really easy. Questions? Write me ^^

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  16. Because you don’t need a full PC’s worth of power / hardware.

  17. Why not just run a networked PC? unix? Samba? why?

  18. if i bought a network attached storage to plug in to my wifis routers lanport,,, how would i access it ? would i make a addres like 186.496.34.1.1,,, so if i were anywhere in the world i could type in 186.496.34.1.1 and it would ask 4 a password and user name ,,,?

  19. haha “perkasetttt” XD

  20. If you use router forwarding you can do that, but you have to fool around.. FTP would be the only one… they actually mentioned that.

  21. Throw it in a *closet*??? Stupid, stupid, stupid.

  22. Thank you guys!

  23. can you access your Nas via internet?

  24. why is there a hammer in the background?

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