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Booooly! Free – NextApps Inc.
Booooly! Free artwork

Booooly! Free

NextApps Inc.

Genre: Games

Price: Free

Release Date: December 22, 2009

◆ Booooly is a brain puzzle game. Yet it is not a hard head-aching game.
◆ Booooly is a fun packed game that cannot be stopped once it starts.

Basically Booooly is a game of touching and blasting
when 3 or more boolies of the same colors stick together,
but you may soon find out that it is not a game to blast
boolies by simply gathering 2 to 3 ones of the same color.

Booooly physical engine shows animation very realistically by moving
it in a very natural manner.

The expressions, animation and effect sounds of booly come very cute.

Now, before you is Booooly, the top notch brain puzzle game of i-Phone
that any body young and old, male and female alike can enjoy.

●Booly is an easy and fun-packed game that anyone young and old, male and female can enjoy.
●A brain puzzle game that offers higher score as one uses more of his/her brain.
●A game that presents heightened tensions as the level goes up.
●The cute expression and sound effects of Booly keeps reminding you of Booly.
●Booly of 8 colors, Bad Booly the interrupter and helper Bomb add excitement to the game.
●Attaching and blasting 4 or more of boolies makes“Booooly!”, and offers bonus points.
●Bonus mission, the opportunity that cannot be missed out to win higher score.
●OpenFeint system to rank who is the best among the Booooly fans throughout the world through competition.
◆Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Multiplayer function has been added for Booooly users to compete with each other.

[Multiplayer Tip]
●Opponents will get Ghost booly attack when you go Booooly!
●Consecutive Booooly! Will start stronger Bad booly attack to the opponent
●You can get help from Bomb booly, when 30 pieces of Boolys are bursted

[Full Version]
●You can continue to play without limitation up the level.
●You can get three re-challenging opportunities in life system.
●You can get higher score than free version user.
◆You can continue to multiplayer without limitation.

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