Bit Defender 2009 Antivirus Review Part 1

Bit Defender 2009 Antivirus Review Part 1

Does Bit Defender really “protect your every bit”? Find Out! Part 1 of 4

  1. Full Antivirus Safety & Security here: watch?v=fdEDM9gGXII

  2. Full Antivirus Safety & Security here: watch?v=fdEDM9gGXII

  3. Full Antivirus Safety & Security here: watch?v=fdEDM9gGXII

  4. NOD32 is trash. It lacks a lot of protection a lot of other virus scanners provide. Aviria and Avast are the best on the market.

  5. bitdefender 2009 made my laptop very slow

  6. it will not do that unless u have a crappy cpu like a shitload of stuff downloaded small hd crappy processer and not enough ram i am a huge linux fan but also keep a laptop for on the go that has windows 7 and bitdefender 2010 total internet security and it is among one of the best antiviruses u can get since your having problems with it being slow id recomend u check out avira free edition if you want a very effective av thats free if paid wise id recomend avira premium or eset nod32

  7. This programm is bullfuck. I downloaded the Trial and it required restarting my pc. I did so, and it fucking froze my pc all the time I logged on it. Dont download this bullshit Im serious. Thank god I was fast enough to remove this crap before it loaded everything and was ready to work, and froze again.

  8. i have bitdefender 2009 and 2010 products patch!!Expires year 2047!with bitdefender account working!tested FOR FREE!

  9. I love bitdefender, it’s the only antivirus software that I trust, it runs better and smoother than any other I’ve tried, i.e. AVG, Avira, Norton, Kaspersky

  10. i dont like bit defender because it blocks alot of websites

  11. i know i may get a lot of thumbs down for this but if you contact me i will give you a key for like i think 781 days i am useing it right now

  12. no! it’s on it’s own

  13. Is bitdefender from microsoft?

  14. BitDefender is not a good type of Anti-Virus, it’s not as “nubmer 1”. It’s OK, but recommend using either NOD32 Anti-Virus or Kaspersky Anti-Virus.

  15. i agree. I used to be a norton user, but after getting my first bitdefender for my windows 7, it is awesome. i stop using norton is because a lot of trojan and worm can bypass norton security for some reason.

  16. try avira

  17. create a second parition or Vmware Workkstation

  18. I have windows 7 and bitdefender total security 2010 and bitdefender is absolutly the best antivirus program I have ever used!

  19. I have Avast 5! But it’s at Beta version! It’s great!

  20. guys you can tell me wht method he used to do the multiple operating system?

  21. I got AVG, not the free one, 9.0. Light as hell, works good, love it.

  22. it destroyed mine

  23. Either kaspersky or nod32 they do a really good job mccafee is not as good.

  24. dude bit defender acts like it it destroyed my pc for 1 day but since i play regestry very well i killed bit defender

  25. 1st one by me

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