Back Up Your Smartphone Data

Back Up Your Smartphone Data

Tips & Warnings

  • Choose a smartphone with a desktop application.
  • Research your phone online.
  • For extra savings, try purchasing a memory card from a local drug store instead of an electronics retail shop.
  • Check your phone for the proper memory card.


    Things You’ll Need:

    • A SmartPhone
    • A Memory Card
    Step 1

    Purchase your service provider’s plan. Many phone providers offer a backup assistant, which saves your data to their server. This feature costs around $2 a month. For as low as $25 a year, your data will be safe.

  • Step 2

    Save to a memory card. Even if you don’t have a smartphone you can save your contacts to a memory card. In your settings menu, choose “save to card.” When you update your contacts, photos, music and video, your data will automatically save there. If you need to change phones you can always switch out your memory card and upload your data to the new phone.

  • Step 3

    Transfer to your computer. Smartphones offer a parallel desktop interface in which you’ll be able to sort and organize your contacts. Transfer your information with a USB plug. If you do not have the proper plug, try this next option before rushing off to Radio Shack. If your computer is equipped with a bluetooth adapter you can transfer your data with your bluetooth portable microphone. Check to see if your phone and computer can communicate via bluetooth.

  • Step 4

    Purchase an upgraded model. Finally, if you are using an older phone, it may be time to update. Your service provider can transfer your contacts and information. Choose a smartphone that gives you data portability. Many smartphones offer a desktop application as well as a web application, so that you’ll be able to access your data anywhere.

    It may be costly to upgrade your phone, but can you place a monetary value on your contacts? T-Mobile wishes their customers had taken these precautions. Instead, they’re spending time trying to explain to a furious customer base, how they won’t be able to retrieve their lost phone data. Take these steps to save your contacts ASAP.