Avira Antivirus 8 Review

Avira Antivirus 8 Review

See how Avira Antivirus Version 8 performs on a highly infected PC. Will Avira clean up this box? Find out!

  1. Yeah I know that and I think kaspersky is better than Avira. I just wanted to ask Matt

  2. Nope. Paid version doesn’t have alot of stuff the free doesn’t.

  3. Try emptying your temporary folder.

    1. Open up CMD
    2. Type in: start %temp% and hit enter.
    3. Delete everything u see in that folder.

    One of my friends had 70GBs of useless crap there 😀

    Hope this helps.

  4. Is Avira (paid version) better than Kaspersky (paid version)?

  5. why does avira take 2 hours just to scan my system

  6. no u sita

  7. nope 😛
    youtube doesnt advertise software, (besides chrome woooot)

  8. didnt they use to advertise pcprivacy cleaner on youtube?

  9. fucking fanboys e_e

  10. fuck avira

  11. i used avg and when i scanned my pc with avira i found over 300 viruses dude

  12. Avg is the most dowloaded Antivirus in the world, i recomend you to use Avg antivirus !!

    Avg protect you from virus,spyware,keyloggers,trojans

    And it protecvt you from hackers and much more !!

    It have link scanner, E-mail scanner , Web shield and it also have Resident shield

    • Because a software is downloaded the most doesn’t necessarily make it the best or most effective product. Could simply mean they have a great marketing team around the product. And many products are out there that protect you from the threats you mentioned so just saying, people should look into more than a popular antivirus software to protect their PC or MAC.

  13. no only 1 antivirus and spybot s d is fine

  14. you maybe downloaded the fake verision!!!!!
    i got the free verision and its work fine!!

  15. dont use it mess up my pc and knock the internet off and woulnt let me unistall so i had to go in safe mode and downlod a unisrall program to get it off dont use the guys on her that say its good are probally part of the scam this is not a joke man im 4 real dont use this

  16. lol anti-drive by

  17. It’s a decent antivirus, but it is known to produce a lot of false positives.

  18. can i have avira antivirus, avast antivirus and spybot S&D at the same time?

  19. AVG sucks…. Avira rules…

  20. yep, it where all songs from limewire, exploits, all of them where the same and where 4kb

  21. Liar, 55000 viruses…

  22. Is the free version of avira any good?

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