AVG Antivirus Free Version 8.5 Prevention Review

AVG Antivirus Free Version 8.5 Prevention Review

Can the world’s most downloaded antivirus protect you against viruses, spyware, adware and trojans? Find out as I put it to the test!!!

  1. Full Antivirus Safety & Security here: watch?v=fdEDM9gGXII

  2. I’m using norton atm and I’m disappointed this is the second time I’ve gotten some bs inactivate virus I had 8 different viruses today I’d like some reccommendations on which antivirus program I should get

  3. Yeah its the best 😀

  4. is this the best virus prevention program? if not what is.

  5. the new avg version today is 9.0.

  6. kaspersky is the best

  7. My cousins dad works on pc’s for a living and he says that AVG is the best anti virus protection program

  8. i had the same set-up you have. if you have malewarebyte’s antimaleware and an antivirus program installed on the same computer, they don’t conflict with each other. yes, it protects your computer with firefox. malewarebyte’s antimaleware has informed me many times when in getting into a “malicious” website. same with goggle chrome. but please don’t use free avg. it’s crap. i recommend AVIRA antivirus. it worked for me. it stopped 17 viruses that avg didn’t detect. try it. it’s free.

  9. right on! that’s what i have, and it works for me. i had 17 viruses in my pc with avg installed and updated, but avg didn’t detect them, but avira did.

  10. this so-called antivirus program didn’t detect the 17 viruses that i installed in my computer; trojans, worms, and droppers. but AVIRA antivirus did. you guys should give AVIRA a try and see if it works for you. it’s free.

  11. lol when the rootkit infected you and you said ”Now they are gonna have a way with me” xD hahahah its always fun to watch your vids Commented and Subbed

  12. this thingy working all the time

  13. AVG, in my opinion, is the easiest AV to use, and better than people give it credit for. As long as you’re careful about where you go on the internet (as you always should be,) AVG will keep your computer clean. I’ve used it for almost 2 years without a single virus. AVG will protect you as long as you use the internet responsibly.

  14. @sal4ordinit im trying to do that but im not if its safe

  15. so this is bad right?

  16. @IchigoKuro22

    maybe because i used to have maple story and it gave my cpu a virus.
    so dont delete AVG if it says its infected because it is.
    trust me

  17. Here’s a license key for 7.1 for 400 users

  18. eset is the best

  19. @ IchigoKuro22
    Which Minesweeper?
    The one that comes with Windows, or a third-party one?
    By the way, you don’t have to uninstall it, just disable it.

  20. i have licence keys that work till 2018 4 avg if u dont belive me ad me on msn pm me il ad u and show u i got loads il send u pic of all the keys

  21. lol fuck.php xD

  22. Avira + COMODO Firewall + Malwarebytes

  23. nah avira is the best anti-virus in my opinion

  24. how’s it nice if it got you infected lol

  25. It’s ok to use both Malwarebytes and AVG, what you shouldnt do is use 2 antivirus programs. check out the Web Of Trust add on for firefox, it shows you if sites are bad before you click on them.

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