AVG 9.0 | Antivirus | Internet Security | Tutorial

AVG 9.0 | Antivirus | Internet Security | Tutorial

New AVG 9.0 just arrived. Learn what’s new in AVG 9.0 Suite. AVG Anti-Virus 9.0 is Faster, Safer and Easier to use. The combined anti-virus/anti-spyware scanner in AVG Anti-Virus 9.0 runs up to 50% faster than earlier versions. It is rock solid protection that doesnt get in your way. AVG Anti-Virus 9.0 also delivers new anti-phishing detection techniques, which can quickly and accurately determine whether or not a web page is hosting a phishing attack. With AVG Internet Security 9.0, you get …

  1. Buyed or free free is not full protection Full is really full protection it detecteded all virusses my computer is clean πŸ˜‰

  2. What? you are a twat, and how the fuck have you got 11 trojans?
    i have used a computer for over 10 year and only ever had one trojan and that was becuase i was downloading of a doddgy website.
    AVG doesnt suck it is very good!

  3. @unknowdude123 yeah well thx for the advice mate but Kaspersky just do a better job than AVG in detecting stuff

  4. @NarutoXras3ngan

    I think you may of turned off a certain file E.g It says scan System Environment And you turned it off. Maybe that may be the problem! =]

  5. kaspersky is awesome but slow unless you have a really powerful computer
    while avg can be use for normal computers but some time it miss some low virus

  6. i got this for windows 7 is the best internet security out and its scanns are fast as hell good job avg

  7. OMG! Its happened AGAIN!
    I was surfing the internet and suddenly its furned off the firewall. This has happened twice. I am really angry at this pile of crap.
    This suite tells you to switch off windows firewall, then it bloody well fucks off leaving your pc exposed to a zillion worms and trojans. Shame on you AVG – you suck!!
    Getting Norton or Kaspersky.
    Avoid this pot of useless lard.

  8. AVG its shit
    i used AVG and detected nothing
    after that I installed Kaspersky and detected 11 trojans on the high level
    don’t buy AVG

  9. DUDEβ†’ DOES NOT WORK–gotta anew one.. ???

  10. Avg internet security 9.0 is awesome i bought it after kaspersky because it looks cooler lol and it found a trojan horse that kaspersky did not

  11. i am not your mate and…
    i was talking to UnaParteDMi not you..

  12. mate your stupid that is avg 9.0

  13. whahaha your so dumb maybe you have not avg 9.0 but 8.5 thats a good scanner but go a fkking way with avg 9.0

  14. @TheB1gBoSsX14 nop! nop! false!

  15. @mikelubeck8 EH! NO IS NOT! your computer should be a shit! not the antivirus!

  16. I have installed a 90 day trial of AVG 9.0. All was going well until today, when the firewall turned itself off for no reason while surfing the net. Considering it insists that windows xp firewall be turned off, i find this real worrying, and now wonder if my pc is infected.
    Never had this problem with kaspersky!
    Anyone like to comment why firewall should turn off for no reason?

  17. 8MEH-RMXLW-HN44A-BABPA-S3JGG-PEMBR is a full serial number! USE BEFORE ITS DETECTED!!! If this one doesnt work after a couple weeks, post a comment ON MY PROFILE and i will release a new one! Thanks! Merry christmas!

  18. Y i installd this on dads Laptop and It was going SOOO slow :S so It really slows down your comp.

  19. AVG is simply awesome.

  20. AVG 9.0 badest virus scanner ever my mom her pc has it and now her pc is not responding anymore avg 9.0 is not a virus scanner but its a virus!

  21. Y does it give really slow porformance????

  22. guys avg slow down your computer better use avast professional edition

  23. @TheB1gBoSsX14 Thnk youh for the licnce key πŸ˜€

  24. Hey AVG guys, can you tellme why AVG Slows your computer? My computer was like 80% Fast when i downloaded AVG It was 20% Fast? – Nationalmix

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