Autodesk 3ds Max 2009 With i3d Tutorial

Create rich and complex design visualization. Generate realistic characters for a top-selling game. Bring 3D effects to the big screen.Autodesk 3ds Max 2009 3D modeling, animation, and rendering software helps design visualization professionals, game d...
Autodesk 3ds Max 2009 With i3d Tutorial

Create rich and complex design visualization. Generate realistic characters for a top-selling game. Bring 3D effects to the big screen.

Autodesk 3ds Max 2009 3D modeling, animation, and rendering software helps design visualization professionals, game developers, and visual effects artists maximize their productivity by streamlining the process of working with complex scenes.

[COLOR=”red”]Viewing and Handling of Large, Complex Scenes[/COLOR]

3ds Max 2009 software delivers new viewport technology and optimizations that result in vastly improved interactivity of even the largest, most complex scenes. Common tasks and operations-selection, material assignment, transform, grouping, cloning, and many more-are now significantly faster, making 3ds Max 2009 the most streamlined version of the software ever. Plus, a new Scene Explorer makes managing large scenes-and interacting with hundreds or even thousands of objects-far more intuitive.

[COLOR=”red”]Review Rendering[/COLOR]

Produce stunning photo-real imagery, faster. With the release of 3ds Max 2008, Autodesk unveils Review. This powerful new toolset supports iterative rendering workflows by delivering interactive previewing of shadows, the 3ds Max sun/sky environment, and mental ray Architectural and Design material settings. Based on the latest game engine technology, Review gives you the instant visual feedback you need to iterate rapidly.
Support for Complex Pipelines and Workflows[/COLOR]

Quickly extend 3ds Max or streamline multi-application workflows. The new MAXScript ProEditor provides you with an intuitive interface for working with MAXScript that will streamline the scripting workflow, making it easier to author scripts that automate and customize 3ds Max. Deeper support for the DWG and FBX file formats results in faster, more accurate importing of data from other popular Autodesk applications; plus, new features facilitate working with this imported data.

[COLOR=”red”]Artist-Friendly Modeling[/COLOR]

Enjoy a less menu-dependent modeling experience. 3ds Max 2009 gives you a more streamlined, artist-friendly modeling workflow through a collection of hands-on modeling UI options that let you focus more on the creative process.

[COLOR=”red”]Here are some key features of “3D Studio Max”:[/COLOR]

[COLOR=”DarkGreen”]? 3ds Max User Interface
? Data and Scene Management Tools
? Modeling
? Polygon Modeling and Texturing
? Spline/Extended Spline and NURBS Modeling
? General Animation
? Character Animation
? Modifiers
? Space Warps
? Dynamics
? Cloth
? Particles
? Multiple Rendering Options
? Rendering Controls and Effects
? Hair and Fur System
? MAXScripts
? 3ds Max API/SDK
? Connectivity and Integration[/COLOR]

[COLOR=”red”]What’s New in This Release:[/COLOR]

? InfoCenter CapabilityIn Autodesk 3ds Max 2009, you can access help via Autodesk InfoCenter. InfoCenter lets you search for information through key words (or by entering a phrase), display the Communication Center panel for product updates and announcements, or display the Favorites panel to access saved topics. In 3ds Max, InfoCenter appears on a toolbar. See Find the Information You Need for how to use InfoCenter; see also InfoCenter Toolbar
? ViewCube and SteeringWheels The new ViewCube makes it easy to use the mouse to orbit viewports and jump quickly to a standard view orientation such as Left or Top. And the SteeringWheels give you handy mouse-tip controls for zooming, panning, orbiting, and rewinding through a series of view changes. Both of these features will become standard across Autodesk’s 3D products, providing users with a consistent navigation experience even as they move among applications.

The basic and fundamental skills that are required by students and newcomers to 3d animation are thought with this product. The material covered in this training series is vital and builds the foundation for further advancement into 3d animation. Without the fundamental skills learned in this training series, it will be difficult to impossible to be able to continue into advanced 3d animation and digital content creation. Because the material in this training series is geared towards beginners to the world of 3d animation and 3dsMax, this training series is not recommended to experienced 3d artists. However, if you have just begun working in 3d, are thinking about it, or have little to no experience, then this training is for you. The aim of this training series is to take someone who is new to 3d animation in general and get them up and running with 3dsMax as quickly and easily as possible. If you have never worked on a real production with any 3d software, then this training series is right for you. This product was designed for 3dsMax 2009 and up.

[COLOR=”Red”]Video Breakdown:[/COLOR]. 00 Intro
. 01 Initial Setup
. 02 Viewports
. 03 View Cube
. 04 Steering Wheels
. 05 Interface Elements
. 06 Object Creation
. 07 Object Manipulation
. 08 Component Editing
. 09 Modifiers
. 10 Main Toolbar
. 11 Layers
. 12 Animation
. 13 Rendering
. 14 Material Editor
. 15 Lights
. 16 Cameras
. 17 Conclusion[/SIZE]



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