Arcade Typing Tutor 2.0

Fast paced arcade-style typing game with great 3D animation.
Arcade Typing Tutor 2.0
About Arcade Typing Tutor
This colorful program is the most entertaining way to learn how to type on your Mac. The constant action on the screen keeps your eyes from peeking at the keyboard (you will have no choice if you want to survive!) and the library of the 1000 most commonly typed English words familiarizes your fingers with the words that you will type most often every day.

Normal typing tutors are dry and boring but Arcade Typing Tutor was designed from the ground up to have all the attributes of an arcade game: great graphics, fast paced action, high scores ranks, bonus scores and bonus multipliers given based on your ability to type bonus words and maintain accuracy and speed while you type. There is no better or more enjoyable way to learn how to type. Perfect for kids and their parents alike.

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