Antivirus 2009 Removal

Antivirus 2009 Removal

Learn how to remove Antivirus2009. Read article for latest

  1. this helped

  2. I need people to help show it to my pc somehow black and white why? can
    a help? please

  3. Unix is so archaic yet… we have less problems with this garbage. Windows 7 is flashy, hottest codecs, Most advanced OS, yet it still has this problem with virus. After having money taken from me, I only do business on a mac which is Unix. And let me tell you this Snow Leopard may be new but its still based on an archaic operating system. NT leads the way. If hackers wanted to they would reap havoc on Unix but… they dont… so weird. maybe hackers use unix.

  4. The one way to be sure you are rid of ALL malware is to format and reinstall Windows. Anyone whose security is up to date and doesnt click dodgy links shouldn’t get this in the 1st place.

  5. damn thing gave my computer an STD. and smart as hell, because it blocked malware, and even blocked me going to to sites that would give me information on how to eliminate it. Instead it kept taking me to obscene porn sites. Not the “general” stuff young men look at, but real raunchy stuff. And once i got Malware the virus tagged it and blocked it from even starting. By the grace of god i finally found an original link to Malware and that was able to boot. but geeezz

  6. If the system restore is working in your computer you can try to restore at a prior date before the possible date of infection, and regarding the disabled task manager etc, I have covered those problems in the article, the link can be found in the description of this video

  7. Bad Demo…This rogue AV is even smarter now and blocks Task Manager, Registry editing and even command prompt.
    Do you have a procedure to delete it after such restrictions???

  8. yeah today i got that Virus thing
    because my Mcfee expired
    what pissed me off the most , anti virus kept spamming Porno at me
    but i downloaded Malware bytes and it got rid of it in 40 minutes

  9. comodo firewall is more advanced than zonealarm firewall.

  10. please send me the hijackthis log file as mentioned in the article – link in the description of this video

  11. i downloaded av2009.
    i deleted its folder and its files,
    but i still have an infection. and
    when i try to open up spybot s&d,
    i have to it up manually(idk how to do that)
    my computer pops up with the “open with”
    thing. if you can help i would be very greatful.

  12. Ok sorry for that sentence I with scanned with avast and windows defender without result!

    I scanned with avast and windows defender without result.

    But which one of those firewalls is the best for me? Comodo or Zonealarm?

  13. please see the article link in the description of this video and send me hijackthis log

  14. do not worry about that, almost all antivirus are not equipped to deal with fake/rogue applications. You need to have a standalone firewall like comodo free firewall or zonealarm free firewall to get better protection

  15. I cant open my task manager it tells me it is infected. I even downloaded and saved the removeal to my computer now it wont even let me open that the one I have is Total Security 2009. I hate it and I cant get rid of it PLEASE help me.

  16. Hello, nice video. I have a question here. Malware bytes says that I have ip infection this just a exampel ive got from Malware bytes. But the strange thing is that Avast antivirus doesent say a shit!

    I with scanned with Avast and windows defender without result.

    Is this a fake alart from Malware??

    PLEASE HELP! Thank you!

  17. again i must say, if i can see the hijackthis log generated on your computer, i will be in a better position to help you

  18. this is not a legitimate app, it is illegitimate. Please read the answer below.

  19. can you tell me an alternative way to remove this legitimate app?

  20. I have this same problem, Optimal(dot)exe
    but could you make a video showing foxmoose and myself how to remove it properly?

  21. this has been the best video dat ive seen here n applied.. been free ov dat bloody PERSONAL ANTIVIRUS 2009 INSTANTLY AFTER THE APPLICATION OV the process shown here. EVERYBODY SHOULD TRY THIS BECOZ IT WORKSSSS…. THANX BRO FOR DAT AWESOME TUTORIAL… KEEP WORKIN LYK DISSS…

  22. download/ install and run a free software called HijackThis from trendsecure(dot)com, it will create a log file, save it. mail it to support(at)comprolive(dot)com or paste it in youtube personal message

  23. hey man i came up to ur step until the end prcess part, but i remeber deleting my file from before so i assume it was visible, but i still have it on that program on my taskbar

  24. if optimal(dot)exe is not part of a legitimate app on your computer, you can delete it from the hard disk. If it is visible in task manager, means it starts with windows. Open the system configuration utility. Start > run – type msconfig – press ok – select Startup tab – expand middle column – locate optimal(dot)exe, confirm that indeed it is an unwanted app, then uncheck it, press apply, press ok, restart the computer.

  25. How do i stop Optimal.exe ? do i have to fear the pony ?

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