AMD Enhances Home Theater PC Experience

AMD Enhances Home Theater PC Experience

Joseph Storm, President of Fusion Research, discusses how AMD enhances the home theater PC experience with processor and graphics technologies. CEDIA Expo 2009

  1. Niceeeeeeeeeee

  2. 3.2GHz = 3200MHz
    3.2GHz = 3200MHz

    Your either trolling, or just really stupid.

  3. It’s in the math. 3.2GHz means it’s only accurate to one place holder. The real clockspeed could be say 3.21GHz, but if it’s written with only one placeholder, we get 3.2GHz. 3.20GHz means that number is accurate to two place holders. Conversely, if the real clockspeed is 3.204GHz, and rounded off to two place holders we get 3.20GHz. But for all intents and purposes, 3.2GHz = 3.20GHz. A few MHz isn’t going to make much of a difference. Some people sure make weird statements, haha.

  4. lol its not even in the math dude!

    ffs look at the variable, 3.2ghz = 3.20ghz nuff said!

  5. 3.2 = 3.20

    go back to grade 1 math!

  6. @xIISc0p3dIIx
    than give me a good benchmark.(with more than 2 or 3 games)

  7. Yeah, I agree with you…. but, 3.2Ghz is equal to 3.20Ghz….

  8. @xIISc0p3dIIx
    i5 750; 150€
    phenom 2 955=145€

    perormancerating games with a 9800gtx+

    (Assassin’s Creed,BioShock,Company of Heroes,Crysis,Far Cry 2,Lost Planet: Colonies,Race Driver Grid,Sacred 2,World in Conflict)

    Phenom II X4 955 BE, 3,20 GHz, DDR3-1333
    Core i5-750, 2,66 GHz, DDR3-1333; Turbo on 100%

    actually that 3 % makes no big difference.
    but considering it costs 4% less and is 3% faster it’s definitly the better(gaming) cpu…

  9. wow technoligy from 10 years ago

  10. £150 then VAT and shipping costs alot in the UK making it about £175.
    I just bought my intel i5 core for £120 with free delivery.
    Overclock UK sucks for prices anyway and i would never buy from them.

  11. i5 dose not come close to amd

  12. Don’t know where you buy from in the UK, but as far I see OC UK sells Phenom II X4 955s for 150 and Core i5 750s for 160 quid.

  13. im from the UK so newegg doesnt ship here.
    Its £145 the i5 here in the Uk and a good Asus motherboard costs £60.

  14. Sadly infact the 955 is 10 bucks cheaper at newegg, and a decent motherboard to put under it is 20 to 30 dollars less expensive also. But I don’t really get how i5 performance comes to HTPC platforms since Intel hasn’t put together a decent IGP in the last decade or so. :

  15. Intel i5 rapes everything AMD has to offer sadly infact the phenom II 955 costs more than the i5 750

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