AMD Demos Graphics & Video Capabilities

AMD Demos Graphics & Video Capabilities

Patrick Moorhead (VP of Advanced Marketing, AMD) discusses AMD’s superior graphics and video capabilities in mainstream PCs.

  1. i have AMD 3.0mhz quad core 8 cach and i like it. i build the computer whit intel dual core 2.cach, in the amd i can not here fan, and in intel the same, but intel give some nose after few minutes my head hearts

  2. I know this is 5 months old comment, but they compare it like that because they cost about the same

  3. Intel GMA is shit,shit,shit, it can’t handdle anything, you simply CAN’T compare it to anything, is crap,crap,crap, i have tested 2 laptops:one with Core 2 Duo 2GHZ, with GMA 4500 HD, and the other one with Core 2 Duo 1.83GHZ with ATI Radeon HD 3470, and the difference is very BIG, Games run 3X better on ATI than on GMA.

  4. they are comparing an intel system to an ati system for a price

  5. im amd/atl and amd/nvidia fan but a little more ati amd fan.

  6. AMD phenom II X4 AM2+ (940) quad-core 3.0ghz Black Edition for sale. brand new, never used, boxed. tube of Artic silver 5 included. heatsink/fan included.
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  7. they’re both onboard gpu’s, they’re using an ATI onboard gpu versus an intel onboard gpu.

  8. AMD FTW

  9. That’s not fair.Even though i’m an AMD/ATI fan,i think it’s stupid to compare an onboard gpu with a regular gpu and then blame the processor for not showing nice colors and frfx.

  10. zup3rboa did u knew that amd bought ati few years ago and that intel is alone so why would in earth amd make they own gpus when they have best gpus in planet ATi gpus

  11. this is bullshit i can run sims 2 beter then core2 duo e6*** series? you suck man,my older pc spect:Intel celeron d331 2.66Ghz,nvidia fx 5200 128 mb,and 512 ddr2 ram,how can you say than that amd can run better then that core2 duo,that mean my old celeron it’s better?

  12. What the hell is this crap? They use an ATI gpu in the AMD config and an Intel gpu in the Intel config. What the fuck is up with that? Intels gpus are rubbish, that’s why they get such a poor performance. It’s pretty pathetic that AMD has to make these videos.

  13. Let’s face it, AMD is Much better than Intel.

  14. my X2 is incredibly unstable. i can only overclock it 200mhz without it going unstable. i’ve never had a problem with intel ever, not even with a celeron.

  15. overclocking yes stability no amd has beter stability with lower percentage when proccesses
    and the pends on the graphics card crossfire or sli and my dad amd machine with about the same cpu out works my intel

  16. thats bullshit. a processor cant have that much of an impact as he claims unless they have different graphics cards. also intel would thrash amd when it comes to overclocking and stability

  17. No, its not wrong, i to just watched this video on my Intel Core 2 Quad Based system with my Nvidia SLI graphics cards šŸ˜‰

  18. I play games on my 780g

    well the only games I play are Nexuiz, WoW and Cand C3

  19. nothing is wrong the gaming with a intel and amd chip is diffrent but if you have a desktop thats intel u can upgrade the grahpics on intel mother bored can’t you? my laptop is a intel bassed mother bored and the graphies comes out way better then the intel chip they have there

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  21. oh yea by the way my front side bus runs at 2000mhz welcome to the wonderful world of over clocking its not something AMD is to good at


  23. I just watch this video using a intel processer, is that wrong?

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