Aamir Khan Is Pucca Idiott On Facebook!

Aamir Khan Is Pucca Idiott On Facebook!

Allaying fears of an online identity theft, Aamir Khan has finally confessed that it is indeed he who was masquerading as Pucca Idiott on the social networking site, Facebook.


Late last night, Aamir wrote on his wall, “Ok guys, I give up. I guess its time to drop my defences. Yeh Star News wale bade kamzarf hain, mera bhanda phod diya, yaar. Not that I mind interacting with all of you, don’t get me wrong. But I have my blog at www.aamirkhan.com for just that.”


And more, “Confession over. Relief…” Aamir also bares his soul, frank as ever, “Here, on Facebook, I was trying to be anonymous so that anyone I interact with treats me like a normal guy. Also I get to know what you folks are really thinking and feeling. Sometimes you might not share everything with me, or might not be totally frank with me, if you know who I am.”


He further remarked that it felt good to chat up with his Facebook friends and also added some photos of wife Kiran Rao and him on a holiday in Chamonix, as proof for the skeptics.


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