7 Unusual Gadgets For This Summer

7 Unusual Gadgets For This Summer

We see all type of gadgets in stores. Some are very useful and make our life easier like: the kitchen gadgets that help us cook better and save valuable time, the mp3 players which allow us to listen to our favorite music everywhere, the computer gadgets that make the use of the computer more interesting and fun. But there are some gadgets which are unusual and weird.

Are the unusual gadgets useful? I will let you decide that. I will just show you some strange gadgets that you can use this summer to have fun.

1.Automated Twirling Spaghetti Fork

The fork is twirling the spaghetti for you. Eating pasta will be fun and easy with the twirling spaghetti fork. The fork is battery operated, it requires two AAA batteries.

2.Foot in the Door High Heel Door Stopper

This funny gadget has the shape of a woman shoe that is used to hold your door in one place. The Foot in the Door High Heel Door Stopper is excellent for the bachelor trying to give a bit of femininity to his pad.

3.Gas Powered Blender

The Daiquiri Whacker gadget is the gas powered, so you can go anywhere and the party starts. With it your favorite blended drink will be ready fast. Daiquiri Whacker declared mission in life is to get people together. The Daiquiri Whacker gas powered blender is designed to be easy to operate, yet extremely durable.

4.Crusin Cooler

This gadget combines two basic necessities of life, the ability to have cold food or a beverage handy along with the means to get somewhere, without walking. With modern technology, the Crusin Cooler is available in gas and electric models. The cooler can be used for hunting, sporting events, races, camping, golf or even a trip to the grocery store to keep your food cold all the way home.

5.Potato Gun

The gadget is designed for maximum fun. Operation of the potato gun is simple, punch the barrel into a potato and break off the pellet with a downward motion. Then aim and shoot.

6.Radio Controlled Rat

This rubber rat is all you need to scare the living daylights out of your family and friends. The rat is controlled by a small radio controller. The Radio Controlled Rat has been designed with an evil looking face, snarling teeth and beady eyes that glow red when he moves. It requires 3 AA and 1 9v batteries.

7.Self Playing Violin Virtuoso

You can be classical musician! With this special violin you draw the bow across the strings this digital little wonder will play all the right notes. You can even control the duration of each note. The Instant Virtuoso electronic violin works with two AA batteries.

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